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Summer Crafting and Vending – Enjoying your booth while selling your Jewelry

When I left Oakland, CA I made a commitment to myself and my jewelry / crafting business: to get it OUT at craft shows !

I have been making jewelry since I was 12 years old. My first necklace was a watch on leather cord and feather charms… Girls in school would pay me to make them a “rad” necklace and when the most popular and cutest girl in school complimented my jewelry , it was the “icing on the cake”…

The same feeling comes to me when ladies and gentlemen at the Seattle Square Market compliment me on my “Beautiful” jewelry line under Carlotta Valdes and my funky display…

Every weekend I try something new with my set up, I show case an under-appreciated necklace or earrings.

I make at least one new item for each Saturday show and post it on facebook. This keeps returning customers interested and intrigued.

I try to pair items in one cluster of “likes” i. e. cocktail earrings and fancy necklaces.

I am always on the look out for new showcase displays to add to my set up . I love finding new raisers AKA cake stands and old wooden bottle crates . I love that old shabby chic / eccentric gypsy lady thing.

I even have a mini back office housing my receipt book,scissors, bags , pens, hand wipes, breath mints and extra mirrors.

And if the traffic is slow , I make use of my time by re-tagging my jewelry and taking pictures for my Etsy page ( which is so not updated but it will be soon).

I am not saying that my way is the best way , it just really works for me and I have fun doing it.

I am obsessed with methods, do any of you “crafters” have a method to share?


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Cities of the Interior – Inspirational Happenings

Its been a while since I have jotted down my most inspiring moments and deepest secrets in my diary. I do miss it… I have been writing a diary since I was 8…

Today, I was a journal writer…

Aww the lovely Anais Nin

She inspires me in so many ways: Dedication, perseverance, beauty and ridiculousness.

What is ridiculous is owning “Cities of the Interiors” for more than 7 years and not reading it….

Well with all the moving and starting a new job and vending at the Historical Pioneer square ” Seattle Square Market”, who has time for loveliness…

As I start reading “Cities of the Interiors” with its promise that , “this book is that alchemical transformation of the ordinary life into art”,

I am inspired by home bliss and the metaphor of cities for psychic worlds in this book.

I begin to think of my own cities.

And I realize that my new city ,which has embraced me kindly has nooks and nooks of psychic worlds!

And Lovely things :

And wonderful people come to visit my world:

And Magical things happen!

Inspiration everywhere I turn…

Bringing out the best in me …

“The Nesting Necklace” my new line Inspired by my little apartment in Capitol Hill – Seattle, WA


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