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medieval knighthood aesthetics – a few of my favorite things

i am often obsessed and lately it is with anything medieval . the likes of knights,CASTLES and tapestries, armors, relics and treasures make me want to bury myself in my room burn candles, put on black makeup and re-live my old high school goth days. Being that I am a grown woman and can no longer get away with such eccentricities , ( or can I?) I relieve myself by visiting my local ye-olde-English-pub-themed dive bar because its soo old world and I can munch on $2.00 happy hour quesadillas and gulp down a Manny’s pale ale while I stare at the most amazing knight a girl could ever meet while I think of ways I can redecorate my study.

Here are a few of my favorite medieval like things:


beautiful church chairs and rugs in the studio of california artist JR De Leon

anais nin alcove
my alcove
inspiration board: goth noir
scottish castle

knight in not so shiny armor and scarf

cozy corner at the canterbury ales and eats in the capitol hill neighborhood of seattle

one of my newest designs for my carlotta valdes jewelry line . components include: vermeil, vintage brass, 1930s jet button, and fresh water potato pearls designed my me.

another favorite new design for my carlotta valdes jewelry line . components include:antiqued brass, handmade sterling silver chain, and flower motif sterling silver treasure

i cant forget the goblet.cheers!

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