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Adapting to a New Neighborhood – Taking a Walk

My neighborhood is filled with beautiful homes and lovely gardens. Each day, I find a “new favorite” park, garden, house or building. When the wind picks up , the cherry blossom trees that are slowly shedding their petals lead me to new appreciation of this city. Capitol Hill : Seattle, WA.

Purple House - Gorgeous tree and House combo.

Birds around everywhere - A symphony of nature.

Birds around everywhere - A symphony of nature.

I love finding trees that match a house.

Water Tower at Volunteer Park. One of these days I am going to climb those scary clautrophobic steps to the very top.

Atrium - Botancal Garden at Volunteer park.

Typical Garden around here.

Garden in the Alley around the corner from our yellow apartment.

I can see the "goings around " in the neighborhood, while a make a cup of coffee.


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