Cities of the Interior – Inspirational Happenings

Its been a while since I have jotted down my most inspiring moments and deepest secrets in my diary. I do miss it… I have been writing a diary since I was 8…

Today, I was a journal writer…

Aww the lovely Anais Nin

She inspires me in so many ways: Dedication, perseverance, beauty and ridiculousness.

What is ridiculous is owning “Cities of the Interiors” for more than 7 years and not reading it….

Well with all the moving and starting a new job and vending at the Historical Pioneer square ” Seattle Square Market”, who has time for loveliness…

As I start reading “Cities of the Interiors” with its promise that , “this book is that alchemical transformation of the ordinary life into art”,

I am inspired by home bliss and the metaphor of cities for psychic worlds in this book.

I begin to think of my own cities.

And I realize that my new city ,which has embraced me kindly has nooks and nooks of psychic worlds!

And Lovely things :

And wonderful people come to visit my world:

And Magical things happen!

Inspiration everywhere I turn…

Bringing out the best in me …

“The Nesting Necklace” my new line Inspired by my little apartment in Capitol Hill – Seattle, WA



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2 responses to “Cities of the Interior – Inspirational Happenings

  1. Annie Walters

    Lovely and beautiful words… so happy to have met you at the market! I look forward to the next time I get to see you!

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