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Fall:New Obsession – A Reocuring one everytime I redecorate

This past summer, I spent pretty much every Saturday selling my jewelry at an open air craft market and making new friends. Being outdoors every weekend was a total treat for a home body like me who will gladly read a couple of New Yorkers, a Fashion Magazine, my books, and tons of blogs in one weekend if one lets me!

Well now that the sun has deserted this wet city, the rain welcomes me home! Literally…
Now “forced ” to stay indoors, I look forward to making more jewelry, to preparing my new website on Amazon, and catching up with my New Yorkers! An additional treat however is the New Official Anais Nin Blog I plan to read religiously!

Here is a peak at what you will find . The following images are of Anais Nin on a bed she designed and blue prints of furniture designed by her in the 1920s. I posted and entry I read in an Anais Nin diary which depicts the very blue prints. Apparently the editor of the Nin blog had found these prints but was not exactly sure if they were her designs. Upon reading my entry , he concluded that indeed the blue prints corresponded to the first Parisian apartment designed by Anais Nin. Who knew they existed. Awww the years I spent imagining the colors and the details. AND here they are out of thin air they appeared to me . OMEN. Inspired I designed a pair of Sterling Silver earrings.


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Anais Nin Interior Bliss : 1930s Apartment Home Decore – 24 Boulevard Suchet, Paris France

While decorating AND setting up my area for another jewelry making session, I had no choice but to dive into that little corner stacked with books and hardly any space for laying out the chain and yummy tourmalines that await. After a few minutes, like is usual, I had to rearrange my corner putting away my first edition Anais Nin Diaries which of course I had to look through once again.

Flipping through the pages of the early diary of Ananis Nin – Volume Four 1927-1931, I came across beautiful pictures of her apartment on 24 Boulevard Suchet in Paris, France.

Much is known about her house and scandalous affairs in Louveciennes thanks to the book and Film Henry and June . I believe little is known about her lavish apartment in Paris . Thanks to Hugh’s success as a banker during the late 1920s , the couple lived in an amazing apartment, where Anais designed her furniture and decorated her place and named it ” A modernization of the Oriental style”.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures along with some contextual diary entries. Please make sure to click on each diary (to enlarge) .Each diary entry describes her inspirations and design process. Also, each entry is beautifully written -wich is why I love Anais..

P.S. One day I will have my uncle ( a carpenter) replicate those bookcases!


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Flappery disaster – Cleaning of the closet / cabinet de toilette

This morning drinking Coffee and reading the New Yorker, an article about Kelly Wearstler birthed a fascination for Elsie de wolfe. Pumpkin pie and a lukewarm beverage in hand, I scrolled through the pages of her book , The House in Good Taste, The Century Company, 1913. Elsie mentions the necessity of a personal closet or a “Cabinet de Toilette”.

I am lucky enough to have a walking closet so I attempted to organize it as such. She implores clean white walls and simplicty. Instead, I recomend color and an assortment of all the things that inspire you. I immediately placed hooks everywhere and hung my plethora of necklaces and scarves. I dug out an old miniture armoire and turned it into a jewelry display. I hung pictures of flappers and stashed journals and a 1920’s book on flappery stuff under my mirror. Lastly, I junked all things gross: old ugly “loungy comfy clothes”, christmas gifts that never fit, and once too cute shoes that have gone aray!  From under all my mess, out came my flapper dress, my cloche, and more eccentricities to treasure! Hurray, I now have a boudoir where I can prepare for a flappery night.


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